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Another Win For Kitwek Association

The Kitwek Sports and Culture Department has been doing excellent work over the last few years and the results speak for themselves. We are proud to announce that we received special recognition from Royal Life Saving WA for our contribution in advancing their aim of preventing loss of life and promoting safe participation in aquatic activities.

Royal Life Saving WA works with various migrant communities to further safety in the waters of this beautiful oceanic state. Kitwek Association has been partnering with Royal Life Saving WA to provide basic and advanced swimming lessons to our members.

Over the last two years, Kitwek has provided financial support to over 150 of our members to participate in the swimming training. Our community is now well equipped to enjoy the many waterfront amenities in Perth and other surrounding towns and holiday destinations.

Speaking after receiving the recognition on behalf of the Kitwek Association, Sports and Culture leader Amos Kiprop congratulated other immigrant communities that have participated in the swimming and water safety training and assured Royal Life Saving WA of Kitwek Association's support. He pledged to send a bigger team to the Multicultural Men's Swimming Programme that is slated for the start of August.

The Certificate of Thanks and a note of appreciation was later handed over to Elder Steve Sitienei, the Kitwek Association President for safekeeping. Elder Steve congratulated the Sports and Culture Department and promised to express Kitwek Association's thanks to Royal Life Saving WA in writing.

From the Communications Desk, we offer our hearty congratulations to all members who completed the swimming training and to the sports department for their dedication to service.

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