Kitwek FC Shines at The OAC WA - Football WA Tournament

The Kitwek Football Club participated in the OAC WA and Football WA tournament on Saturday, 26 June 2021. Led by our sports and culture leader Amb Kiprop, our team produced a sterling performance, finishing fourth after playing four exciting matches.

In the group stages, the Kitwek Football Club beat Ethiopia 4 - 1 and then lost to the combined Asian team 4 - 2. They, however, picked themselves up to hit 5 goals past Somalia to proceed to the next level, where they beat Ethiopia 4 to 1.

The results meant that the Kitwek Team missed proceeding to the finals by a whisker and had to settle for the 3rd and 4th playoff, and although we lost 3 - 1 to Turkey, we were able to finish a respectable third in the tournament, on the basis cumulative wins and points.

Congratulations, Kitwek FC, well done!

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