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London, Welcome our King!!!!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Last year, it was all about INEOS as Kipchoge ran under 2 hours on a day the whole world was glued to their screens. Who could miss that? That was technology and humanity at play and as much as it was a history of its making, the best is still on the bag. This weekend is special in two ways: first, it's happening when the world is upside down with the pandemic and restrictions in play, and secondly, should Kipchoge win this, it will be 5th in a row. That's how special it is. In 2018, Kipchoge had a 4:38:4 pace per mile to earn him the current world record. Onheld Sunday, all factors constant, should he run at a pace of 4:34 per mile (2:50 per kilometre), he will not only set a new record but ink his name as the for the first man to run under 2 hours since the course meets the record standards. This is a must-watch race!! Lets all cheer Kipchoge as he goes for the ultimate target goal. The Lion Take To The Streets of London, all the best.